Statement Of Nursing Career

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Despite the popular saying that Nursing is a very challenging and demanding career but yet rewarding career. I like to think of it as a way of life and not as a career. Having to care for someone physically, emotionally, spiritually and sometimes financially are the few things that make Nurses stand out from other healthcare professionals. My passion and desire to study Nursing was fostered at a young age when my grandmother passed away as a result of negligence from her healthcare provider as a well as the lack of resources to help manage her illness. Due to the experiences we both had during this trying time, I decided to explore the health profession as a means to prevent experiences like that of my mines and my grandmother from reoccurring.…show more content…
Although this research was part of an effort to support local farmers in generating a better crop yield and also help pharmaceutical companies develop drugs from natural resources that could increase the risk of certain illnesses such as cancer. I could not help but feel like I was contributing in my own little way to health care development. It also gave me a sense of accomplishment as well as responsibility and it became something I was committed to even after I graduated. I followed up on the research till the end. Although this was not a long-term job, I quickly jumped at the chance of working on this project because I knew it would be a stepping-stone to attaining my career goals which include but is not limited to seeking out more ways to improve and contribute to healthcare. Also, as part of my quest to gain career experience, I had the opportunity of working as a First aid/Safety administrative assistant and volunteering at Prince George 's Hospital Center and Genesis nursing home in Salisbury, Maryland. Working in both places helped me gain an understanding of the inner workings of the hospital and the ability to relate with diverse people. I explored the healthcare system and also developed behaviors and values necessary for physician-patient
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