State of Purpose for My Masters' Degree in Management

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“If we value the pursuit of knowledge, we must be free to follow wherever that search may lead us”, said Adlai E. Stevenson Jr. Knowledge and innovation always thrills me and my thirst for more urges me to earn a Master’s degree. When introduced to the field of Computer Science & Programming in my high school, it came to my understanding that they are the dawn of a new era to solve most of the real world problems and bring out modernisms. This enhanced my curiosity to learn more about computers and urged me to become an engineer with flying colors. Further, my involvement in my father’s business and my active participation in organizing events during under graduation helped me realize my strengths in managing resources in the most effective manner possible. I believe that doing Masters in Management Information Systems would be the stepping stone towards my ambition to become a successful Organizational Manager and ultimately take over my family business.

I was greatly inspired by my father’s style of communication with his clients, the division of work, commitment of truth and the appropriate decisions to improve productivity. By assisting him, I learned a lot about the rigmarole management processes that are being carried out to ensure productivity and also the importance of information management and decision making. This fruitful experience has sown the seeds for my interests in management of resources and has increased my eagerness to learn more and specialize in information management and decision making abilities. The state level Secondary School Leaving Certificate examinations have given me the chance to prove my innate logical thinking and problem solving skills where I secured the third highest score in Mathematics. I...

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...g interest to learn the art of handling business operations effectively and inventively should not to be restricted, which is why I believe I should pursue my Masters in Management Information Systems. I have always wished to be a part of the operational and improvement activities in an organization rather than focusing only on developing software applications. The University of Illinois – Chicago with its renowned MIS degree and world class infrastructure inspires me to be its prospective student. Rubbing shoulders with students from different parts of the world would be a great learning experience and guidance from well qualified professors would surely help me to gather knowledge about the business use of information technology. Given a chance to perform, I would confidently prove myself to be a worthy student and hence become a successful professional.
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