Starting Sports at a Young Age

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It has been questioning by many people including experts that if starting sports at an early age is really beneficial to the individual. Most scientists agree that when it comes to starting sports, the earlier the better. First of all, the children would be fitter. In today’s world one of the most important health issues is obesity. To extend, almost 1 out of 5 children in the United States of America are dealing with obesity; triple of the rates from previous generation (, 2013). It is not only a health problem because it causes people to get depressed since their appearance is not considered good. Playing sports helps keeping the weight under control. Also because the heart rate increases the blood flow and more oxygen go to our muscles, as well as our skin, which makes our skin look better (Ekue, 2013).
Since all the sports have some rules, they are going to teach the discipline that individuals need. After getting used to the rules, one can live a systematic life. In terms of personality it has many benefits. A research proved that playing sports is good for psychological health; it reduces anxiety and depression and improves self-esteem (, 2013). However, it would be the opposite if the sports have competition among the players. One cannot be self-satisfied, or feel not confident while doing such sports.
Sports are good for physical development, especially when started young enough when the growth hormones are still produced. They can make the life easier. For example, one year of fitness makes one fit in terms of condition. If living healthy is the key of living long, sports might be the best thing that people can spend time on it. A popular saying suggests th...

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...d higher self-confidence than they had before they have started doing sports (Markowitz, 2012).
In conclusion, starting to do sports at an early age has many advantages on children’s both physical and psychological development, which can easily be observed by looking at the children around us who do and do not do sports. Although it is very easy to see the benefits of doing sports, there are still some people who make excuses and develop defense mechanisms about doing sports being bad. However, the psychologies of the individuals who are interested in doing sports are stronger than others and they can deal with stress and pressure more easily. Also, sports are important for individuals in avoiding major chronic diseases. Finally, as it is suggested earlier in this essay, people should start and encourage people around them to start doing sports as early as possible.

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