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Stars Hollow – CSR Due to the company’s recent growth, Stars Hollow Hat Company is recruiting for the position of Customer Service Representative (CSR). The new supervisor over the customer service department has been tasked with hiring for CSR position. However, the supervisor has been newly promoted and is unfamiliar with the hiring process. Recruitment and Hiring Process Evaluation The owner did not communicate clearly to the CSR Supervisor as to how many new employees to hire. The first step in the hiring process should have been for the supervisor and owner to work together to determine how many new positions should be created. Incidentally, the case study on Stars Hollow Hat Company indicates that HR was never consulted in the hiring process. It is crucial that managers and supervisors work with the HR department when hiring. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has a set of established hiring guidelines that employers should follow. The next step she should have taken was to use the job analysis to create a job description. A job description could have been ...

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