Starcorp Case Analysis

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Starcorp Industries is an aerospace contractor employing over 8,000 employees. Starcorp is operating in a tight economy and as a result of the country’s current economic predicament over the last six years, has had to lay off workers. The organization is being divided by the departments as they are in need to compete against each other, and some projects have been sabotaged to show failure of a department. Due to cutbacks in governmental contracts, Starcorp needs to win a contract to keep the business operational. The Air Force and NASA have recently requested proposals for a two multi-billion dollar projects that align with Starcorp’s organizational goals.
The characteristics of the ideal leader in running a department in Starcorp’s would be challenging, as a leader is going to have to act as a change agent to get the employees back in line with the company’s objectives. A leader will have to deal both with organizational politics and leadership styles. To effectively lead Starcorp Industries, a leader will need to use leadership styles that will influence the employees along with employee-orientated leadership style traits. Effective
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A leader using an employee-oriented leadership style will use specific styles like charismatic, people oriented, and transformational leadership to assist in getting employees to achieve the goals of the company. Employee-oriented leadership style is when the leader inspires the workforce to bring their gifts of initiative, imagination, and passion of their field to work every day. They must use the talents of the employees, keep them informed, empowered, and motivated to synergistically. The employee-oriented leader is one who emphasizes interpersonal relations, takes a personal interest in the needs of employees, and accepts individual differences among members (Kosicek, Soni, Sandbothe, & Slack,
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