Starbucks: The Best Coffee Around

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Starbucks: The Best Coffee Around

I could not survive without coffee. Starbucks is one of the few coffee companies who

give their customers the service they deserve. Founded in late 1987 by Gordon Bowker, Zev

Siegl, and Jerry Baldwin Starbucks aim was to become the best coffee company around the

world. These men first started the company in the city of Seattle, Washington but now have

thousands of locations. Throughout the years, more people found out about the company as

stores spread. Starbucks is one of the most successful coffee companies today because they serve

everywhere, and are loyal to their customers providing many promotions and deals.

Starbucks offers many promotions that are beneficial to the customers. Loyal customers

can receive a registered gold card that can get them free drinks, food, and refills. To get a

gold card, a customer must have to make enough Starbucks purchases to earn thirty “stars”

and register a regular card through their website. The more drinks or items a person buys, the

more “stars” they receive. As soon as someone was to register a card, they may start receiving

rewards. If they get five stars they become a green card member. Green card members get a

15% off coupon, as well as free refills through out the day. Starbucks explains, “We want you

to feel at home. Paying with your registered Starbucks Card or mobile app gets you brewed and

iced coffee and tea refills at no charge during your visit at a participating store” (“My Starbucks

Rewards”). When a customer collects thirty stars in a year they become a gold card member. At

this point, for every twelve stars they earn, they get a free drink, or food item. (“My Starbucks

Rewards”). The card is even personalize...

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