Starbucks Loyalty Case Analysis

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Case Analysis Loyalty is considered as an important factor for each type of business because it helps a business in different ways such as loyalty of customers boost the growth of business, improve the reputation of company, enhance sale including rewards, loyalty would provide vital market research and the most important thing customers would be more happy. In the case of Starbucks that organizes different loyalty programs for its customers to increase the loyalty of customers. Basically Starbucks try to reward its customers if they visit their company for coffee. The criteria of reward depends upon the number of visits of customers not on how much a customer spent his money on company.
To attract more customers or to increase the level of visits Starbucks offer reasonable and effective prices of coffee, in this way customers would visit company again and again and would get maximum reward and the loyalty would automatically increase. Recently, Starbucks rewards to those customers who get more stars, if a person get
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The purpose of reward programs not only to facilitate customers with different opportunities but also increase their loyalty. Customers only pursue rewards, to get rewards they can visit company again and again and can spend their money as well. In sum, company only provide benefits or rewards to regular customers or to those customers who spend more money on the company by purchasing goods and services. In the United States people often prefer coffee during office time or after office time, so Starbucks offer different reward packages for those customers who work in offices according to their demand. The only way to fulfill the demands of customers is marketing research, company should have appropriate information about the demand, wish and desires of their customers. In this way company can only operate in well manners and with

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