Starbucks: Energy Booster For The Future

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Energy Booster for the Future Everybody runs out of energy and needs a boost. Whether it’s dusk or dawn coffee will give you the boost you need. Not everyone has time to make a fresh cup of coffee in the morning so they look to Starbucks for help. Recently Starbucks is spreading worldwide creating jobs in different countries of the world. People will always look to coffee for a quick energy booster whether hot or cold. The best part is yet to come! Starbucks is family friendly and a great place to study or meet due to the free Wi-Fi in this hi-tech world. Not only does Starbucks make delicious treats and drinks, they make jobs for people all over the world. There are 20,891 stores in 64 countries. 13,279 of the stores are in the United States, 1,324 stores are in Canada, 989 stores in Japan, 851 stores in China, and 806 in the United Kingdom. As of May 2013 Starbucks has 160,000 employees. In most of the Starbucks stores, they allow bands to play music for their customers. This allows musicians to get money from the Starbucks customers. Starbucks is even ecofriendly. Napkins and cups are made to be friendly to the environment. There is ten percent of recycled paper in each cup. Starbucks has reduced the size of napkins and store garbage bags as well. Coffee sleeves are made from 85% post-consumer recycled fiber. Also in 1999 Starbucks started “Grounds for your Garden” in which leftover coffee grounds are given to anyone requesting it for composting. Other ecofriendly projects have been started since then. On most of the cups, there are inspirational quotes written. Starbucks is also very successful. The company’s revenue has been high. In fact the United States was up $14.89 billion dollars as of 2013. Starbucks will conti... ... middle of paper ... ... crude stereotypes have been started by other company’s but have been taken care of. All in all Starbucks will continue to grow rapidly and will never go out of style especially with young adults. Over the past nine weeks of the stock market game, I learned which stocks were best to buy. The Starbucks Corporation stock was one of the stocks my group bought. I realized the stock didn’t have much of a quick growth. That factor makes Starbucks a good long-term investment. Not only does Starbucks create jobs and a better economy, it offers a healthy energy choice for people worldwide. The founders of Starbucks including Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bowker, and Zev Seigl have been making people worldwide happy for 43 years and will continue for many more years in the future. All in all, Starbucks fits its name. It is a star company that makes bucks for themselves and others.

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