Star Wars: Myth or Religion?

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Star Wars: Myth or Religion? I was in a room, not a very large room, but big enough for the circle of odd numbered minds that had been assembled to discuss, debate, theorize, or maybe just waste time, on the topic at hand. I am a mere observer, with nothing more than a pen, my thoughts, and a strong will to keep my mouth closed when some reporter, author, or other member of the crowd makes some outlandish comment. I was there for no other reason than to make sense of what was being bickered back and forth about. The snug circle was comprised of the usuals. You know the type, the same type that you see on some late hours CNN debate yelling out their argument on some obscure topic that only the people staying up to watch what the market is doing care about. Except this group is a little more well mannered. It’s my job to keep order, so without any further hesitation I raised my voice once over the crowd who seemingly had prematurely begun their own off hand topics without me. Without the attention I was looking for, I made a second attempt to harness their eyes, this time a little more successfully. “Okay crowd, we’re going to begin with Star Wars first, and Star Wars only,” I ordered. I was surprised at the undivided attention they were giving me. It almost made me feel uncomfortable because I was too scared to lose it, or maybe even to lose their respect with an illegitimate comment. “So what do we know about it?” I inquired, this time with a little more concern because all of their faces looked at me blankly, almost screaming for a more specific topic. My job was not to interfere, only to observe, so I became increasingly uncomfortable waiting for somebody to take the ball away ... ... middle of paper ... ...a parallel universe for people to observe and then use their own conclusions in their own life,” he finished with emotion going through his throat. “Believe it or not, I think youth has prevailed,” I interrupted. “The youngster here has summed up everything we’ve been talking about in one final comment. I congratulate you son.” It wasn’t the greatest ending comment, but it was still pretty good, and good of a place as any to finish up the discussion. “In closing, I just wanted to thank you all for coming. I hope you got as much out of this as I did. We can conclude that Star Wars, as a whole, means different things to different people, the arguments for every aspect are too numerous to be discussed in twenty, let alone one, discussion group. I wanted to thank you again, and may your thoughts be with you.” I ended the session with a good feeling.
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