Stanley Kubrick's Film Review: An Analysis Of 'A Clockwork Orange'

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Faisal Hussain Bs 1215109 Deconstruction of A SCENE A CLOCKWORK ORANGE Stanley Kubrick is considered to be one of the most visionary directors of all time. He had a unique style of making film, from mise-en-scene to narrative, his films draw lines between real and surreal. Kubrick’s movies often portrayed sex, violence explicitly which is why his movies are different than any other director, because it gives a sense of questioning to the audience. His movies were enormously misinterpreted by its viewers and some of his movies didn’t even make to the cinemas. A Clockwork Orange A Clockwork Orange is Kubrick’s one of the best works. This film is about the futuristic government state where citizens are estranged and blinded by the ferocious youth culture. Film is exceedingly thought infuriating as well as unsettling. This film is not just not about sex and violence, but it has a deep and psychological notion behind it. Film starts with the…show more content…
The whole set is being lit by the white lights as the name of the place is Korova Milk bar as the protagonist reveals in the opening monologue. The whole scene is creating a rhythm as the eye follows from the vanishing point, and the dummies in the scene creates the illusion of being real. Even the texture of the mannequins are similar to the people in the scene, perhaps the Kubrick wanted to indicate this fact that the people are being manipulated like dummies. The scene basically reveals the true nature of the film which is about sex, violence and mind manipulation. It could also suggests the role of women in society, which is being depicted as sex slave, as these goonies are surrounded by submissive
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