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Stanislavsky is the father of today's style of acting. Constantine Stanislavsky (1863-1938) was the innovator for method acting. He changed the process of acting in which actors immerse themselves into their characters as much as possible. He wanted acting to change to a realistic art. Stanislavsky wanted his actors to avoid habitual mannerisms on stage (Worthen, 33). He used a method that includes five techniques to help an actor submerge into their characters. The magic if, re-education, observation, motivation and emotional memory are all techniques Stanislavsky used to help mold his actors (Bradford).
The first technique requires the actor to use their imagination. The magic if requires the actor to ask themselves what my character would do in this situation. The next technique used is reeducation. Whether it’s being onstage to a live audience or on film, actors need to find a way to display true human life movement. When figuring out body movement or body language actors must think of every action as part of their character. Stanislavsky encouraged his students to observe people whenever possible. He encouraged them to study their physical traits as well as their personality. Stanislavsky reminded his students that every person is unique and therefore each unique trait should be exhibited. The technique is a very valuable tool because actors often find inspiration by observing others. Actors often ask themselves what is my motivation? This process entails a lot of why questions. For example why does my character say this or why does my character show this emotion? The actor must evaluate each motivation through the characters words and actions. To use the final technique, the actor must actually feel emotions on a personal le...

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