Standards, Instruction And Standards-Based Instruction

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Understanding by Design, Differentiated Instruction and Standards-based instruction are three methods that are used to instruct students in the classroom and help them succeed when learning. They can be used separately to plan and organize the classroom. Yet used together, they create and promote effective ways for the students to learn and insure that every student in the classroom can reach success. One must understand the different methods and how they work in the classroom before they are able to understand how to instruct with all the methods together.
Standards-Based learning is teaching students to insure that they gain knowledge and skills that are important in school but also the adult world. Standards-based learning “helps educators
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Teacher use UBD to create understanding for the students and give them the ability to transfer their learning. Educators look at the end results that they want their students to achieve and then create a plan or unit of instruction to achieve those results. As teachers create the different units, they generate what they want their students to know, what they will understand and then also what the students will be able to do at the end of the unit. In UBD, the teacher creates meaning from what is being taught and the ability to take the knowledge and skills learned and transfer them to something else. (Wiggins,…show more content…
Fixed mindset students believe that intelligence is fixed and that one cannot improve their intelligence Growth mindset is the opposite. Those with growth mindset believe that “intelligence can be expanded and developed through education and hardwork.” (Dweck, 2010) One side of learners avoids challenges while the other side embraces them. By using UBD, DI and Standards-based in the classroom, teachers create challenges that students are able to work through and achieve success When a student works hard and achieves success, they will want to continue the success and keeping working hard and completing the challenges. Students begin to believe in
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