Standardized Testing in Saudi Arabia

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Integrity is a small word, but it has a big meaning. Integrity means that you are ready and able to do whatever is right regardless of the situation that you are facing (Utpalendu 3). It is a simple term which states that people should do and act according to their ethics and their minds, not to their sentiments. For example, if a situation arises that involves your family, or the one you love, you are able to face the situation with honesty and truth. This is the essence of integrity. Also, integrity is uniquely related to justice. If you have integrity, you are likely to also be equitable, which is an often missed characteristic in many people. Justice is absent in many places of the world. Unfortunately, there are only a few people who still truly care about and try to achieve justice; other people only care about their personal interests.
There are many fields in which people can demonstrate justice to include education. Specifically, there are numerous students and teachers who suffer every day from injustice. Some students suffer from the weak education system in their countries while others suffer from mistreatment by their teachers. This alone is an injustice because students attend schools and universities in order to be good people for their countries in the future, and students expect their teachers and administrators to provide a good learning environment for them; however, they do the opposite. For example, in some countries such as Saudi Arabia, students work hard during their entire educational journey in order to attend a good university in the field in which they are interested. Students study diligently for 12 years, but they cannot find a university to attend. As a result, their entire educational journey thos...

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...h integrity and justice. Maybe if they presented it in a different way, the test would not be met with such resistance. For example, the test fee could be waived and administered for free. Also, if the test was considered equally with the 12 year education, people would not be as upset with the test specifics. There should be additional factors for acceptance into universities, not just this exam. People are frustrated because they have not learned anything about the parts of the exam. In order to take it successfully, they should be taught about its structure and the concepts it tests. Otherwise, the current system will not develop education in Saudi Arabia; instead, it will kill students’ dreams. If Saudi Arabia truly cares about students’ futures, they should facilitate a fair process for them and offer them a good learning environment in which they may succeed.
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