Standardized Testing and Social Interaction

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The need for an indicator of academic preparation and college placement yielded the American College Testing. Since the early 1900’s, standardized college admission test has been the forefront of getting into college. Student success in college has used standardized testing as an effective tool for predicting success. Various studies have shown the importance of ACT testing as being a reliable source in predicting a student’s success. However, other studies have shown the lack of importance and ineffective indicators that come with standardized testing. Examining the history, research studies, pros and the cons of the standardized testing will conclude of why some colleges and post-secondary education systems are moving away from this type of testing just as they adopted it.
Too much emphasis is put on standardized testing for college admissions. Standardized testing is the number one way to enroll students in to college. Standardized testing has its pros and cons when it comes to college admissions. The ACT and SAT avenues play a major part in students’ lives more than actual school life. Student-athletes have a much harder stint with college admissions than most when it comes to standardized testing (“arguments”). For example, two young men, John and Greg, plays high school football with the dream of playing at a college level. Both have the same athletic talent, but John had a 3.5 GPA while Greg had a 2.0 GPA. Scores are received and John made a 17 and Greg makes a 24. While both student-athletes have equal talent, most schools in the country would only want Greg despite John’s 3.5 GPA. Is that fair? Did Greg prepare better than John? Was John having a bad day? Was Greg’s version of the test so different, which if John would ...

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...away from the ACT or SAT and focusing on other skills like social interaction. Although it is important for students to get a good education, it is imperative that all students are given the skills, the opportunity, and equality to obtain that good education.

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