Standardized Testing Is The No Child Left Behind Act

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Throughout students schooling, they take countless standardized tests and exams before they end up graduate high school. Standardized testing is used all over the United States, and the tests get harder every year. In 2002, standardized testing was inclined when the No Child Left Behind Act was adopted. This act was made to help hold high standards of education, measured by the students score on standardized tests. Kids as young as elementary through high school take these tests. There are many kids in school that struggle when it comes to taking tests, especially ones that are required for them to pass. This type of testing is very unnecessary and it is not beneficial to the students. Many students do not learn from these tests and it does not measure the amount of learning that is acquired by students. Students and teachers find ways to cheat the system, just to pass. The needs of the students are not valued when it comes to these tests and it puts labels among the students as who is smarter. Creativity and background is not valued, and there is more to learning and schooling than picking the right multiple choice answer. Many of the students that take these tests, know that it is required for them to pass, so they will do whatever it takes to do well. Students do not actually learn the material, but just copy it. They then use it in some way to cheat on these tests, just to make sure that they pass. In an article posted in 2013, the National Center for Fair & Open Testing reported that there were cases of cheating on standardized tests in 37 states across the country. Students take pictures of the material or what the test is and send it around to fellow students. It is also stated in the same article, that a lot of cheatin... ... middle of paper ... ... not given the freedom to open up deeper thoughts and ideas about the topic, without the answer being wrong. Teachers hound and hound this certain information into them, but it is only a small amount of what they have actually learned throughout the year. State standardized testing have been more of a pain and trouble than it has good. Many, many students struggle with taking and the work they have to put in prior to the test is stressful. Information that they learn throughout the whole school year is not valued and only certain information is put on the test. It is very stressful for the students and also the teachers, since the grades of the students reflect the teachers. This is one probable cause of why there is so much cheating among the teachers and schools. Government standardized tests should not be used to evaluate teachers and the knowledge of students.
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