Standardized Testing Is Effective For Students

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Students begin concentrating on standardize tests shortly after spring arrives, this means hallways are silent and many students are filled with anxiety until the testing days have passed. Standardize testing is used in elementary and middle schools, which are regulated by the state where you live and the school districts are looked after federally by the No Child Left Behind Act. Standardize testing is an effective means to determine the students retention of curriculum taught and the teachers ability to teach the curriculum to the students. Standardize tests measure a schools performance across state standards and the tests fall in to two categories; achievement, which measures a specific subject and aptitude which measures how the student learns. Both, tests show the parent and teacher how the student is progressing and where the student needs improvement. Standardize tests are also used to help school districts determine what subjects they should spend greater focus on. There are some factors that could contribute to how poorly a student scores on his/her tests. The following...
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