Standardized Testing

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I. Standardized tests can not accurately measure intellectual merit because racial and gender stereotypes interfere with the intellectual functioning of those taking the tests, according to Stanford Psychology Professor Claude Steele. The educational system in United States has been using standardized tests to evaluate the performance of students. The first documented achievement test took place in the period of 1840-1875. The earliest tests were meant for individual evaluation, but the results were used to compare schools and students. Even though there has been controversy about why it is so important for colleges to weigh their admissions on these tests that simply measures our academic abilities the day they take the test. Yet, the long years of obtaining a good GPA do not matter as much as one big test. These tests are used to tell how well school programs are doing or to give a picture of the skills and abilities of students. Therefore colleges shouldn’t let these scores be a large part in the admission process.

a. Standardized testing has been opposed by many schola...