Standard Of Practice And Competency Analysis

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To understand what standard of practice and competency means. We can look at the class syllabus. It show what is expected of faculty and of student, course, the program outcome e.g., theory’s, awareness of personal values, biases, and assumptions, and skill e.g., practicum, knowledge of clients’ worldviews, and developed and implementing appropriate intervention, strategies, and techniques with sensitivity to language, religion, and biculturalism). There are two general types of competency standards; (1) Competence indicates that a sufficiency of information and abilities allows counselor to perform in a wide variety of situations. (2) Standards developed for an enterprise known skills. In other words, the structure of training that are competency standards, on a national scale recognized standards that are the foundation for identifying and evaluating people’s capabilities (CACREP, APA, AAMFT or NASW organizations) to act effectively in a job or situation with the mental health environment (Welfel, 2013).

Standard of practice refers to therapist attribute, not a treatment but what we receive through the program outcomes; the social and cultural diversity, developing core theory, research, identify and implementing the principle of testing and measurement and interpret the result of data in areas of professor counselors. APA (2014) refers to standard ten standards which include, "solving ethical issues, support, social relationships, secrecy and confidentiality, billing and other public statements, record, maintaining and fees, learning and practice, analysis and publication, evaluation, and treatment (p.4). Example, therapy (10.09) “interruption of treatment, while entering into a job or contractual relations, psych...

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