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Many non-traditional students begin to fall behind in their education due to linguistic and pedagogical differences between the way they speak and write naturally and the way they are expected to speak and write in the classroom. The problem is that many teachers advocate the use of Standard English in the classroom and do not permit students to speak in their own voice, which leads the students to totally silencing their ethnic voices. According to Horner and company by privileging Standard English as the main dialect, all other dialects are devalued, but this is also difficult to avoid because Standard English dominates society, in both textbooks and media (Horner, et al 305) During the late 90’s The Oakland School district in Los Angeles…show more content…
She writes of growing up in a dual culture society, of how she and many other children of immigrants spoke Chicano (a dialect created by the children of Mexican immigrants.) Chicano’s are generally looked down upon by the Mexican’s as not being Latina enough because by intermingling both English and Spanish. Anzaldua felt that she was distancing herself from her heritage, and that she was being forced to learn Standard English by her teachers, because she was living in the US. Anzaldua write that “they were told that their language was wrong and that the repeated attacks on their native tongue began to diminish their sense of self-worth. (Anzaldua…show more content…
She believes that all speakers of English have the right to know where the prescriptive rules of English come from and that the speaker has the right to make informed decisions about which rules are appropriate for their writing. Curzan believes that students must learn to question and challenge the rules of English grammar while also being aware of them and being able to utilize

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