Stand Against Slavery

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A Stand against Slavery

What is slavery? Is slavery a tragedy with some advantages for certain folks or an overall disturbing event? Slavery was an event that occurred based on ones beliefs of superiority and lack of workers. Using Africans to cater to their every need, Caucasians, and many other races, unfortunately believed that Africans was here to serve one purpose, to execute their requests. Completely disregarding their necessities and desires, slave masters put slaves through long hours of work without payment and a scarce serving of food. Although adults who were enslaved could barely endure the conditions, this did not prevent slave masters from making children slaves as well. However how “rigid” ones slave experience was depended on various components. Some individuals believe that Slavery was disturbing overall, however a disturbing experience depended highly upon your position and or gender.
Slave masters slave experience was unproblematic because everything resulted in their favor. Considering that slave masters were in control, they could do what they desired. Although he completed a crime, “Mr. Gore is never investigated for this murder, and he still lives free” (Douglas 52). Since Mr. Gore was a slave master, he was not given consequences for his inappropriate behaviors. It was not acceptable for him to kill someone but he gave a “valid reason” so it justified his actions. However, if slaves did any wrong they would receive a severe punishment. A slave master could commit several crimes without being questioned nor given a punishment. In Frederick Douglas, Mr. Gore killed a slave because he did not like their behavior. A slave master did whatever he or she wanted. Unsurprisingly, “Slave masters, oft...

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...r, and sometimes age, came responsibilities and with location came limitations which created an individual’s slave experience. Children were expected to understand their limitations and follow them. Their limitations including being comfortable with someone else in their age group being able to do everything they can not and more because of their skin color. Women had the responsibilities of satisfying their masters, taking care of their children and working endless hours. Satisfying a man who is not even attracted to African women with constant desires is a large responsibility, along with juggling two others. Men had to work for hours. Meanwhile, they came home to children possibly sleeping and a clean house. The two agendas do not seem like they can be compared, do they? That is why some people stand strongly with women having a more severe slave experience.
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