Stalkers Essay

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Many believe that they will live their lives knowing that they will never be targeted to be followed or stalked. Getting stalked does not only mean that someone who you don't know will do it, also friends or people who you are comfortable with may fool you and be the one to do it. Stalkers can affect a persons life by the actions the stalker may do, also by how many victims the stalker may have hurt in the past. Stalkers go after every gender not one is safe or favorited. Also being mentally ill has a big impact on why stalkers engage in such behavior. Todays society there is always someone being targeted as a victim of a stalker, it may not be a big group but it is out there and it does exist. In todays community no one is safe from targeted by a stalker, males and females become victims of this crime everyday. Men may not be victimized by this crime as much but it still causes a burden to the ones who are. Roughly around 8,000 men across the nation have been victimized by a stalker, narrowing it down to 2% being stalked at least once (Mechanic Mindy). Being a victim of a stalker means a lot of stress and precaution on how you live your life. Any wrong move could lead to your personal life being intruded and possibly getting hurt. Being aware of your surroundings and one's behavior will prepare you for what a stalker brings to the table. Stalkers are able of doing anything from watching you from far away or breaking into your home and getting into your personal belongings. 1 out of every 12 women and 1 out of every 45 men are victimized by a stalker (Mechanic Mindy). Does not really sound seem like a huge number but it adds up as stalkers are not stopped and continue to think what they are doing is okay. Four out of every five s... ... middle of paper ... ...veryday, it may be a friend or a complete stranger. Reality is that everyone should always be aware of their surroundings even with the people they might think are the closest to them. Stalkers suffer from all sorts of problems from substance abuse, depression, personality disorders, ignored, abused, cheated on, emotionally hurt all these reasons vary on why some humans make the choice to stalk a victim. Is there really a stalker out there stalking someone because of what they did to them in the past? Is there someone lurking in the shadows following their victim every move and waiting for a chance to intrude? Stalking is a serious crime and is seen as an illness, either they should be treated for it or be kept in a isolated area. People should know who they trust and know who they let into their lives before they become a victim of such a serious crime as stalking.
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