Stalins Ego

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Stalin ruled the Soviet Union with a heavy hand; he wanted Russia to become a great nation. To Stalin, Communism represented a higher stage of development (Stakhanovites). A cult of personality developed around his image; people immortalized him, thinking of him as a god-like figure. They really had no choice; they were absorbing his propaganda through many different outlets such as radio and film. Stalin was drilling the idea he was a great leader who knew what was best for the USSR and would do everything he could to make them grand. Stalin also cracked down on the arts, calling for Socialist Realism, an art that represented the people and was easily understood by the masses and pointed the way to a glorious future. He was xenophobic towards outside art, calling it bourgeois and not at all representative of the people (Zhdanov). This was all part of his method to shape the Soviet Union into what he wanted it to become. Stalin wanted Russia to become a great industrialized nation and pushed through the Five Year Plan, calling for rapid industrialization and an increase in factory...

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