Stages Of Substance Abuse

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Stages of Substance Abuse
Addiction is a habit of activity, in which there is a constant use of mood altering substances with no regard for the unfortunate consequences to the mind, body, and soul. There is no demographic that drug and alcohol addiction does not affect; addiction can happen to anyone at any time. People become addicted to drugs and alcohol for many reasons. Some of these reasons are uncontrollable because you’re born with them; others are brought on by environmental factors and poor self-control. The factors that can lead a person to the enslavement of abuse and dependency range from biological elements, influences from the people you surround yourself with, over-the-counter medications that people get hooked on, and the state of mind of the victim of the abuse. Addiction has been affecting people of all ages since before wide scale research was even conducted.
Drugs are chemical substances that make your mind, mood, and body feel and act out of the ordinary. There are different types of drugs, some being legal and some being illegal. Some drugs, such as medication for colds and aches, can help ill people get well. Many of these drugs can be bought at the corner drug store and are safe if they are used appropriately. Other drugs that are more powerful are prescribed by a doctor. These include antibiotics, antipsychotics drugs and antidepressants. Some of the most dangerous and addictive drugs are illegal. The most commonly abused drugs include heroin, crack, cocaine, LSD, and ecstasy, and alcohol. Although it is legal for adults over the age of twenty-one, alcohol is the most abused drug in the world (Bancroft 16). There are five major drug and alcohol categories that are divided on how they affect the users’ bo...

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...hich can make them more susceptible to becoming an addict. Another factor that could cause addiction is being pressured by peers. People want to fit in and find commonality with their friends. So, they may experiment with drugs and or alcohol or use them recreationally, which can lead to addiction. Another way people become addicts is by becoming so dependent on prescription drugs to the numb pain that they can’t function without them. And finally, addiction can be caused by the state of mind in an individual. People who are mentally unstable often turn to drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism. Once they are out of their bad state of mind and under the influence, they start to use more to get out of their own heads. Drugs and alcohol are dangerous to get involved with and if they aren’t used correctly and or responsibly, they can lead to over-usage and addiction.

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