Stages Of Conventional Development: The Development Of Moral Reasoning

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The Development of Moral Reasoning Moral reasoning also called moral developing, which is the process of distinguish right from wrong in different situation. In terms of Kohlberg’s stage moral development theory, which devised three main levels of moral reasoning: pre-conventional, conventional and post-conventional, and each level includes two stages. The Pre-conventional level is especially common in children of early school age, which is closely tied to personal concerns. In Stage 1, children focus on the fear of getting caught and punishment, while people in Stage 2 express “What’s in it for me” position, which means they think right action is what is instrumental in satisfying the self’s needs and occasionally other’s needs. Additionally, adolescents and adults play an important role in the Conventional level, at this level, people’s actions conform to rules of law and order or focus on society’s view. In Stage 3, people try to be a “good boy” or “good girl”, which means orientation towards approval, to pleasing and helping others. Also, people in Stage 4 more prefer to maintain a functional society by obeying law drive behaviors. Finally, at the Post-conventional level, the highest level of moral reasoning, individual judgment is based on…show more content…
In Stage 1, children are concerned with obedience and punishment. A child in this stage might say that the public have a right to know all the facts about all candidates for office and candidate Thompson may get punish if he do not say truth. In Stage 2, children are concerned with what benefits them. Children in this stage might say that Reporter Dayton ought to publish the story, which help Dayton’s reputation for investigative reporting. On the other hand, they might say even if Dayton do not publish the story, another reporter get the story anyway and get the credit for investigative reporting, which is not benefit

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