Staffing In Nursing Case Study

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Staffing is employing adequate and qualified personnel in appropriate position to produce a reasonable outcome.
Having enough nurses to properly manage patient flow affects hospital turn rate,patient satisfaction and quality outcome because nurses helps to get patients admitted,transfer them to other wards or department and also discharge them at the right time.
Mcfarland defined staffing as the function by which manager build an organization through the recruitment,selection and development of individuals as capable employees.
Nurse staffing has to do with recruiting or employing a certified nurses and placing them at the right position and specialties in a health care facility. Nurses
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Some organization avoids employing women in a job that involves physical exertion or maybe need to travel continuously. However, in nursing profession male nurses are preferred in some areas in practice not minding the skills of the female nurse applying for same position. In our society today workers are employed based on indigenes and non indigene criteria and not offering the right person a rightful position which we all know is common in so many countries today. Staffing is a managerial function that need to be properly addressed .it helps in getting the right person for various job in organization and ensure that there’s job satisfaction for the betterment of the organization and achieving a common goals.
Appropriate staffing is very crucial in nursing practice because it can affect the social life of a nurse,she may not have time for herself because she is worn out and not coordinating properly which can cause health hazard since patient are looking up to them.

In my place of work,nurse staffing helps in producing quality care to patients as no nurse complains of burning out due to work over load since there is enough hands to control the
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Researchers have spent decades trying to determine if having more nurse staff lead to better quality of nursing home care. Although the answer may seem to be obviously “yes”the literature feels to give us a clear answer . Bostick and colleagues reached a positive conclusion about the nursing staffing and quality relationship from their review of 87 articles .{Arling G.and Mueller C.2014}. Registered nurses have long acknowledged and continue to emphasize that staffing issues is an ongoing concern,one that influences the safety of both the patient and nurse. There is a strong relationship between adequate nurse to patient ratios and safe patient outcomes. Rising patient acuity and shortened hospital stay has contributed to challenges. Finding an optimal nurse-to-patient ratio has been a national challenge . however,rising patient acuity and shortened hospital stay have contributed to recent challenges .Ensuring adequate staffing levels have been shown to reduce medical and medication error s,decrease complication among patients,decrease mortality,improve patient satisfaction,reduce nurse fatigue,decrease nurse burnout and improve nurse job satisfaction.{ANA
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