Staffing And Safety In Nursing Case Study

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Staffing and Safety The shortage that the nursing division faces can be because of the lack of people working in the field (Hassmiller & Cozine, 2006). In likeness of the nursing shortage, sufficient care of patients have been on the decline, and the staff that is present incurs abysmal work environments (Hassmiller & Cozine, 2006). Because of the substandard working conditions, nurse leave the work force thus creating shoddier work environments (Hassmiller & Cozine, 2006). Encouraging new nurses to join the task force in such array proves to be difficult as the effort to comply with the job’s demand is challenging with an insufficient number in staffing (Hassmiller & Cozine, 2006). The sequence will continue in this manner until the issues…show more content…
Implications of what quality can stand for include the company reputation, product liability, and global implications (Nguyen, 2015). In the case of understaffing, product or service liability is the culprit when discussing a quality implication. It is imperative for an operations manager to deliver healthy, safe, and quality service and products to their customer (Nguyen, 2015). Nurses are being pulled away from their duties to fulfill the demands of another position that is lacking in the support system of patient care (Kalisch, 2006). While fulfilling other jobs rather than their own, nurses are losing valuable time with their patients resulting in ineffective nursing practices, charting, and a lack of team work as there is barely time to finish their duties (Kalisch, 2006). To acceptably perform to the standards set by the firm, the total quality management that emphasizes the quality of the entire organization, from the supplier to the customer, needs to be committed to and met in every prospect of the job (Nguyen,…show more content…
Enlisting employment from nurses aboard is an option opted by South Florida to help with the lack of nursing staff in the facilities (Purnell et al., 2001). The west coast of Florida and northern Florida are being assisted by The Nursing Shortage Consortium of South Florida with materials and information on effective strategies to help rectify the issues (Purnell et al., 2001). The Nursing Shortage Consortium of South Florida used numerous strategies to enhance the goals and activities to correct the staffing shortage (Purnell et al., 2001). These strategies included closer partnerships with school to boost interest in the nursing field from a young age, enriching the image of the nursing atmosphere to attract the educated individual to join the line of work, developing a sustaining Consortium membership, and using online tools to communicate, employ, and educate about the imminent issues (Purnell et al.,

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