Staff Development: The Concept Of Staffing In Nursing

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This concept is taken from Module 10 of Block 3.
Staffing is a way of selecting staff in an organization through proper and effective normination. It also involves the appraisal and development of the personnel to fill vacant post in the workforce.
According to Mc Farland, “staffing is the function by which managers build an organization through recruitment, selection and development of individuals as capable employees.”
I personally believe that no organization can stand without staffing. Staffing is necessary in every organization because of
- Increasing size of health organization, as the size of health organization increases, the demand for more staff arises.
- Specialization- Because there
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Staff development helps personnel to perform competently in the job.
The aims of staff development are:
- To prepare for future tasks and trends ahead.
- To gain personal and professional development.
- Because of the wide range in nursing profession, staff development in form of in-service, training courses, helps to meet job-related needs of the nurses.
- Staff development help nurses to meet up with social and scientific advancement in nursing.
- With staff development, organizations/hospitals are staffed with proficient and capable administrators.
- Staff development helps to ensure modernization in hospitals, thereby making hospitals not to be backward in the new trend.
Employees should not be sent for courses and training that will not be beneficial to them and to the hospital.
Based on that, staff development should be based on needs and interests of employees and organization/hospital whatever knowledge and skill the employee acquire should change their behavior and orientation to

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