Stace's Views on Freewill

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Freewill Through the Eyes of Stace I can most relate with Stace’s views on freewill. I feel that the freewill argument is more about definition and the word’s true meaning. I also agree with his statement of, “if there is no free will there can be no morality.” Stace believes that is doing what we want to do and not being constrained from doing so. Morality is a good argument of why we do what we do. Then there is the idea that we have choices and choices are made by the individual and not by outside influences. Stace’s main argument in stated in, “The dispute is merely verbal, and is due to nothing but a confusion about the meaning of words. It is now what is fashionably called a semantic problem.” Words are all we really have to explain our thoughts. We can add to words by using body language and pictures, but even these are still explained in words. Words are given meaning, according to Stace, by, “Common usage is the criterion for deciding whether a definition is correct or not.” This means that words should be used, as everyone knows them. The exception to this is slang. So to a point it is philosophers changing the words of freewill and creating their own slang definition and like Stace says, “the mistake which the deniers of freewill have made is rather subtle and difficult to detect.” Stace feels that the wrong definition of freewill is the ability to do something else. On the topic of morality and Stace’s ...

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