St. Valentine's Day Massacre

What do you think of when you hear the words Valentine's Day? Probably love, hearts,

roses, and kisses. Certainly not murder, not the murder of seven men. The Saint

Valentine's Day Massacre although not remembered by many, is still a massive show of

greed and materialistic views combining to form some of the most inhumane acts ever.

First of all, The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre involved two of the same type of

people. Gangsters, specifically Al Capone and George Moran. The conflict betwen these

two created the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre. A plan, made by "Machine Gun" Jack

McGurn, for Al Capone to kill Moran and the others, while Moran just planned to

smuggle in wiskey (Brown). Some other people involved were Capone's gunmen; Fred

"Killer" Burke, John Scalise, Albert Anselmi, and Joseph Lorado. Capone's lookouts

were Harry and Phil Keywell. Frank and Pete Gunsenburg,

John May, Albert Weimshank, James Clark, Adam Heyer, Doctor Reinhart

Schwimmer all died because of the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre (Rosenburg). This

all hapened at Moran's hideout, 2122 North Clark Street (Brown), a place called SMC

Cartage Co. (O'Brien). It happened duromg Prohibition (Rosenburg) on February 14,

1929 (Brown).

Gang violence had been building in the late twenty's. The Irish George "Bugs"

Moran ("Saint Valentine's Day Massacre") unwittingly fell into Al Capone's plan by

buying some Old Log Cabi...

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