St Thomas Ajanas And Saint Peter Abelard, Saint Thomas Of Aquinas

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The medieval synthesis refers to the understandings of people that enabled them to see the universe as n orderly place. These understandings refer to the religious and philosophical aspects of the world. It also refers to the sense that many of the things we live in the modern period are things that were not in truth united in perfect harmony. This synthesis was between the society and the church that forms a view of what is called medieval synthesis. The classical thought was synthesized and reintroduced through the contributions and ideas of Peter Abelard, Saint Thomas of Aquinas, Dante and Chartes Cathedral that influenced the religious and philosophical aspects in the late middle age. Religion was an important part to the medieval society and the development of medieval synthesis. An important person that contributed to this was Saint Thomas Aquinas between 1225-1274. His “Summa Theologica” was an important element that influenced the synthesis. The Summa Theologica simply means theological summary. His idea presents the highest example of the medieval synthesis of faith and reason. The summary included the proof of existence of God and man. It described the relationship between the two and how a man’s reconciliation with the Divine is possible through Christ. This shows that Aquinas believed the cosmological argument that shows proofs for the existence of God and its reason. Aquinas Summa Theologica also described the nature and purpose of human being. He devoted his attention to the nature of God and its role that show relationship between God and man. Aquinas tried to explain the origin and purpose of the universe. He also tried to show the different roles that live in the universe and their purpose. Aquinas never doubts... ... middle of paper ... ...laces as they sin such as the Purgatory. This is where he learned that without God, there will be no faith and purity in life. This made him realize that the universe is in shape and in order. He found out that the universe is made of matter that God has created. His writings provided different situations that lead to great imagination of the connection between God and man. Dante found out that the way to God is found in human life. Overall, Peter Abelard, Saint Thomas Aquinas, Dante and the Chartres Cathedral all showed a world that placed faith and reason at the center of man’s search of the truth. Their ideas and contributions helped synthesized and reintroduced classical thought to the philosophical and religious aspects of the middle age. They all portrayed that the universe is the reason of God’s existence and that through God and his will there is truth.

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