St. Michaels Church

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Saint Michael's church in Hildesheim Germany is one of Germany's largest and most grand churches. The church is about one thousand years old. It' been through many wars and has been repaired many times. It's well known for it's large size and intrucite, yet clean design. The church also has a number of artifacts and features that makes it stand out when compared to other churches. Some examples of famous artifacts from Saint Michael's include the Pillar of Christ and the Bronze Doors. Best of all however, the church's clean design makes it unique yet comfortable.
Saint Michael's took 21 years to build. The church 's construction began in the year 1010 and was finally finished many years later in 1031 ("Saint Michael's Church"). Considering it's size, that's an amazing feat because it was built using techniques that are extremely old. The interior of the church has a clean design that's easy to walk through and is very spacious. Some walls in the church are plain and simple colors such as white or brown, while others have carvings in them that are meant to tell stories.
During the second world war, the town where the church is located; Hildesheim was badly damaged when it was subjected to flyover bombings. It wasn't until 1950 when the people began to rebuild the town. It seemed as of the town of Hildheim was completely destroyed, the people had lost hope in restoring the beautiful church and the town to it's original condition. However, one thing that was still standing was one of the church's biggest rose bushes. It's branches peeked out through the rubble of buildings. When the townspeople saw this they considered it as a sign up hope, and they began to rebuild. By 1957 the town of Hildesheim was completely restored, even the ...

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...s of those who have lost their way. This can be noted by viewing the churche's various sculptures which are carved into some of its walls. Most carvings show in-depth illustrations of biblical stories. Although it is not known who created the wall sculptures, they are beautiful and are known to be respected in person rather than in photographs.

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