St. Augustine High School

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Out of all the times I attempted to go to the North Rampart center to help tutor a council of kids, the shuttle never came. Luckily, I was granted the opportunity by the principal, Sean Goodwin, to speak to the graduating class of 2016 of my Alumni, St. Augustine High School. The reason that I was chosen is because of my many accolades as a four-year student. Before graduating in the top 10 percent of my senior class, I was a member of the profound St. Augustine Marching 100. While in the band I was granted an award for being the best lead percussionist in the concert, jazz, symphonic, and marching bands; this lead me to become the lead drum major. During my time as a student in high school, many of my fellow underclassmen looked up to me as a positive role model when making decisions in life. During my visit back to St. Augustine, I was greeted by all of my past teachers all eager to hear about my life post graduation. Aside from all of the positive remarks and greetings I received, the only negative feedback I received were comments about my new outrageous hair style. In response ...

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