St. Anselns Ontological Argument For The Experience Of God

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St. Anselm’s ontological argument for the experience of God.

God’s existence may vary from philosopher to philosopher, but according to the late St. Anselm,

Archbishop of Canterbury there was absolutely no doubt that God’s presence is certain, and yet the

philosopher desires the understanding of faith. As stated; if god cannot be thought to exist, then

whomever which may be conceived, only a fool would believe that he God does not exist.

Only a fool says from his or her heart there is no God, was the largest idea discussed in the

presentation quoted by Anselm. It is one thing for an object to be in the understanding, and another

to understand that objects exist, he both, has it in has understanding and he understands that it exists

because he has made it. There is not a doubt that there exists a being, than which nothing greater

can be conceived. And it exists both in the understanding and in reality, then, so truly than a being

which nothing greater can be conceived to exist, our God? If a mind could conceive of a being

better then thee, the creature would rise above the Creator; and this is absurd. God can be

conceived to not exist; but in the later, not at all. For example, no one who understands what God

is can conceive that God does exist; God is that than which a greater cannot be conceived. The

nonexistence of that than which a greater cannot be conceived is inconceivable.

Gaunilo’s argumentative criticism claims that in the dual existence, with understanding and in

reality, for this reason it must exist. For if it does not exist, any lord who really exists will be more
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