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The DHS of Science and Technology was created in 2003 by Congress. Currently, the director of DHS of Science and Technology is Dr. Reginald Brothers. This department section was created to keep track of threats that can potentially cause detriment to the United States. This department section was also created to use Science and Technology to protect American from outside threats. DHS of Science and Technology accomplishes this task by providing the Department of Homeland Security with cutting edge technologies that can be used to prevent or diffuse threats poised at the United States. Furthermore, within this department there are many different sectors that hold a key position within DHS of Science and Technology such as; “First Responders,…show more content…
It goes over how the fiscal plan plans to invest more than 3$ billion on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education. This plan will provide for a better foundation for future scientists to take on various roles. There is also a proposal to invest $2.8 billion in research infrastructure which is said to be for research and development. It goes into more depth talking about the various ways these funds will be allocated. It mentions that the National Science Foundation will receive $75 million for new instrumentation. It talks about how the money will be used to bolster the Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) program. It talks about how this program will purchase major research instrumentation for various higher institutions across…show more content…
This program allows for these funds to be dispersed which will enhance the instrumentation at various universities to allow for better research that can help the Department of Defense. The budget goes on to mention that this program will spend this money on various equipment that ranges from $50 thousand dollars to 1$ million dollars. This research program will provide 12$ million dollars for the Army, 23$ million dollars for the Navy, and 16$ million dollars for the Air Force. This site also provided supplementary data that discussed the various programs agencies and what they do in more detail (The Networking and Information Technology Research Development Program 2015). Another interesting project that is currently being funded to the DHS Science and Technology is the National Nanotechnology Initiative. This project plans to work with various sciences that involve working with nanotechnologies. The overall goal of this funding package is to develop various nanotechnologies that would be useful in fields such as the medical field as well as the military. There is also an initiative in this funding plan to supply a curriculum to K-12 students so they get a basic foundation in these sciences. (The National Nanotechnology
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