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One year later…

I sped through the halls of Reaper HQ to the Portal Room. The alert that there had been a break-in was going off. What if there had been an accident involving someone I knew? Or someone very dangerous coming to hurt them?

I barged into the room to find one of security calling out to everyone from Dispatch, "False alarm! False alarm, everybody!" I breathed a sigh of relief. Everyone was going back to their normal routines, probably happy they weren't going to have to stay any longer than needed. I was about to leave when I spotted someone at the counter near me. I smiled and walked over.

"I thought we fixed this months ago," Sebastian sighed.

Melissa, the woman who I tricked after returning to HQ, apologized, "I'm sorry, Mr. Michaelis, but the fact remains that you are a demon. While the problem has mostly been fixed, there will be times that the alarm will go off because of your species. It's hard to make the system completely immune to just you."

I kissed his cheek and reminded him, "At least it's not going off every time you come here like it used to, s...

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