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Squatting is one of the three main workouts we discuss in this manual. Squatting is the toughest of the three workouts because it requires over 200 muscles and a lot of hard work to perform. The main muscles that are targeted while doing this exercise are shown on the right. If able to perform a squat correctly, you will be able to build core strength, a strong lower body, and a tough mindset from the difficulty of the workout. Squatting is not easy to perform correctly; therefore you should use this manual to learn the proper form on how to squat is done as well as some precautions you should take while performing them. Keep in mind that it takes practice to correctly perform this exercise and that most people cannot master it overnight.

There are many benefits to squatting, since the squat works out the entire body. Here are some of the biggest benefits that squatting can do for one’s body.
• Builds Muscle in your entire body o Squatting is the most beneficial exercise a person can perform because it helps build muscle in the entire body. Dr. Mercola, a well know Physician and best-selling author of fitness books, said “When done properly, squats are so intense that they trigger the release of testosterone and human growth hormone in your body, which are vital for muscle growth and will also help to improve muscle mass when you train other areas of your body aside from your legs.” This helps show how important it is for your muscles to have squatting in your workout routine.

• Helps Prevent Injury o Most sports and running related injuries are caused by weak tissues and stabilizing muscles. Stabilizing muscles are smaller muscles that don’t get worked out as much because it’s hard to pinpoint them. When squatting, it...

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...could include different types squat bars that target different areas of the body or different types of squats.

Tips for Beginners:

• Make sure the barbell is placed at the correct height on the squat rack. This makes it easier to place the weight on your back when performing the squat.
• Make sure you warm up your hips before performing the squat. Having a good range of motion of the hips is beneficial to performing a squat correctly.
• Make sure your back is straight throughout the entire movement. An arching back can cause serious injuries.

Variations of Deadlift

Box Squat – This is performed the same way as a regular squat but there is a box or seat placed behind you. When you bend down, you are able to stop at a 90-degree angle because the box behind you stops your range of motion. This helps you maintain a good range of motion when performing the squat.

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