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Most people find advertisements annoying, and Squarespace tries to correct that. If an ad is found annoying then one can use their site to create a webpage of his or her own. Those who find squarespace’s services exemplary, can continue on to reference squarespaces services. Squarespace is a company that promises to create advertising free webpages. Squarespace claims advertisements are unwanted and outright annoying yet this company’s advertisements can be found on websites such as Hulu, YouTube, and Amazon. While the idea behind the ad is good the company may be bad news. They promote the same thing they portray as being bad. While they talk down on advertisements they themselves produce advertisements. Squarespace is promoting themselves by putting other advertisements down. Squarespace is not a good service to use because they use advertisements to promote themselves not having advertisements.
Squarespace airs commercials all over the web with the slogan “a better web awaits.” They are promoting that the web pages they make are advertisements free for a better experience while surfing the web. Their targeted audience is people who have a business or those who want a web page for personal or professional reasons. For example they can create a webpage for someone who wants an online resume. They can also create a webpage for a company to sell their products on. They use their surroundings in their commercials to help their point of unwanted ads.
The Squarespace ad “A Better Web Awaits” is taking place someplace like Las Vegas, or New York. These places are famous for all of the advertisements on the buildings. They used a place like this for their commercial to prove the point even when you don’t want to see advertisements they ...

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...l. While it is true the service is digital the advertisements can have the same impact to the consumer whether it is physical or digital. Some may even say that the company may not be bad it may just be bad advertising. The answer to that is would you give your information to a company with low quality advertising, and hypocritical? The answer is simply no.

Squarespace promises to eliminate all of the wanted pop ups and ads with their services. Squarespace may be a good idea for some companies and people to use in order to eliminate the ads while keeping the information and products they want out to the public.
This company says they are an ad free service but they use the ads to promote themselves.

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