Sports Trainers

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Sports trainers play an important role in the health of athletes. They help with injured players on the field of play when they cannot continue with the game they were participating on. Sports trainers are on most of the athletics team nowadays. If trainers are hired by a high school, they will participate in all of the events that have to do with sports. Athletic trainer’s duties as a sports trainer are not limited to outside or inside, and after spending lots of time with the team, the athletes might begin to accept them as part of their team. Athletic trainers, also known as ATs, have many duties to accomplish throughout the day. The trainers have to teach medicine courses to the students. Some athletes will have to have the trainers relieve pains by massaging the hurt body parts. They have to communicate with the coaches to get the proper equipment, suggest diets for the athletes, and get use the correct excises/workouts in. (“Athletic Trainer” Career). Trainers will have to help an injured athlete recover from their injury. ATs try to help prevent any injuries with the felicitous conditioning and warm-ups. (“Sports Trainers” 492). The duties of an AT are usually located in a high school, college, etc. Athletic trainers work in environments that promote physical fitness. ATs work every day of the year. They can work with more than one sport/team with many different athletes. The school’s budgetary restrictions also interfere with the work environment. While working with a professional team, they will only work with one team and one team only. Athletic trainers travel with their team when they go to games, practices, etc. (“Sports Trainers” 495). ATs work in academic settings. The higher the education level, the more money ... ... middle of paper ... ...other than a person who is just an athletic trainer due to the school’s budget. (“Sports Trainers” 495). Teachers at the school have better chances of getting an athletic trainer job other than a trainer who just applied for a job. Athletic trainers play a very important part of sports. I learned that this job can lead their teams in exercises and stretches. I found that being an athletic trainer means that once you commit to a team sport, you are a part of them. A sports trainer helps the team fight injuries and illnesses. If a player falls, the trainer is there to pick them up. They are practically the backbone of the sport. I wouldn’t recommend this job to other people because it doesn’t make a lot of money and you have to drop everything to go to the games, practices, etc. To be an athletic trainer, you have to be dedicated and you have to truly love this job.
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