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It is important that coaches make the sport that they are coaching fun and exciting for their athletes. If things are repetitive, boring and have no direction, athletes will lose focus in practice or games and that will lead to not wanting to play sports. Coaches need to come prepared with a daily practice plan and if possible, willing to make changes. A coach who is a screamer will get the attention of the athletes but the attention is out of fear. Athletes who come from programs that had coaches screaming or yelling at every play they made wrong, did not fully enjoy the sport they are playing and do not know how to actually compete at a high level. Everything is done out of fear and they will hesitate to be aggressive on the court because of fear of making mistakes. A coach should be able to make the sport as competitive as it can be and at the same time make it fun. Many coaches like to use a whistle to be able to change the drills or get their teams attention. Other coaches don’t need a whistle because they are loud enough to get their team’s attention. Coaches should make themselves available to their athletes before and after practices. There are many athletes that need the extra time to better their skills and others who may need just the time in practice to get better. For the athletes who are struggling and need more time to develop their skills, the traditional style of coaching will be ideal to use. It focuses more on the skills at a beginning level and ensures the basic skills of the game are sharp. The traditional is used mostly at the beginning of the year. As the season goes on, the games approach will be a better approach to prepare the athletes for competition. Every team has athletes their star a... ... middle of paper ... ...d not demeaning them at the same time. Building their self-esteem through positive feedback and showing them that you do care about them and that you want them to succeed. Demanding behaviors is a coach demanding his athletes to behave a certain way and the coach does otherwise. A coach can tell their athletes to respect everyone and then at a game, the coach is yelling at the referee for a call that he thinks was bad. It only confuses the athletes and shows uncharacteristic on the coach’s part. It is great to have a folder or composition book for each member on the team. In the notebook, athletes are to take notes of the opponents that they are scouting. Scouting can happen at the gym while watching a team play or when teams have film day. Scouting reports should identify the team strength’s and weaknesses. What are the tendencies of their big hitters and

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