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Many kids in America today grow up playing many different sports. Two of America’s best sports are football and baseball. These two sports are both fun and romantic, in their own little way, making them both a great American pastime. Some have come to wonder which sport has the title of being America’s pastime. For many years baseball has dominated as America’s past time but times have changed, and people are starting to think that football should own the title of being America’s pastime. Baseball and football are both wonderful sports, as they both have their own unique beauty. If someone from a foreign country was looking at the two sports, they would think they are the total opposites. Failing to see that there are both similarities along with many differences that come with each sport. For instance, the equipment that is required in each sport. For example, the balls that are used in the playing of each sport. A baseball is hard, with many different layers, with the outer layer being made of leather from stitched cowhide. Footballs are pretty much hallow inside as it needs to be filled up with air in order to keep its shape. However, footballs are also made with cowhide. The size of each ball is different as well. Baseballs come in the shape of an oval, weighing in at around 5 ounces. As a football is index shaped and weighs anywhere from 14-15 ounces. Along with these differences, there are some things on each ball that is the same. Both baseballs and footballs have laces on the outer layer in order to help the quarterback or pitcher grip the ball, making it easier to grip and throw. Some other equipment differences in the two sports, is the equipment they wear. In football, every player must wear shoulder pads, thigh and kn... ... middle of paper ... ...ay, both sports are amazing in their own unique ways. Baseball is said to be Americas past time, but that seems to becoming a thing in the past. As the game its self has become more of a defense game, rather than an offensive game, resulting in less runs scored. This result has led to fans becoming bored, and less viewers tuning in to watch the games on television. Football is becoming more of an explosive sport with more and more fans joining the rave each and every year. Fans have become more involved with fantasy football which causes them to pay more and more attention to the games. The Super Bowl has also become a key contributor to why football is being considers as Americas new pastime. With everything from the game its self, to the hilarious commercials, Super Bowl Sunday seems to have become a national holiday in America, making it the world greatest game.
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