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Sports development and coaching sciences are both major factors that I consider to be the reasoning behind me being successful in sport and having the knowledge, understanding and opportunities to excel in physical activity and reach my highest potential. Sports development has been extremely important in my life to help me develop and build my social skills and making me the sportsman that I am today. Football and athletics have always been my strong sports and I feel like I have gained many key social skills whilst being involved with them. When talking about football, I have always been the youngest player to play in the teams which were for my secondary school team, my local team, Berkshire county and for when I had Chelsea FC trials. This had a massive effect on my development as an individual because I was able to experience higher quality levels of football and was able to analyse these older players and gain new information and techniques of what to do in certain situations and at that age I was just soaking it all in. From all this improvement whilst playing regularly with my local team, I was 1 of 2 players to be offered a trial at Chelsea FC which was a massive achievement for me. From these opportunities I was able to train and compete on top level facilities, better kit and improved coaches due to sport developing over the years and more funding has been put into it for these opportunities to happen. All these developments and opportunities in sport developed me as a person because it gave me more respect for sports, improved my mindset and attitude and allowed me to gain skills and new ideas. Coaching sciences is another key factor to my sporting and general life. Apart from football, athletics has been sport that... ... middle of paper ... ...ld give me all the tips and specifics to help me develop and reach the highest level possible. The science behind his coaching was much different to the others that I had in the previous years because he focused very much on communication and support play within the team because he knew from his past that it was crucial to have those factors at the strongest point and at the foundation of any team. He also liked to give constant feedback and criticisms of my game to help me look at situations from a different perspective to overall help my team succeed and me as a player. Overall sports development and coaching sciences have had a large effect on my life in terms of sport as it has given me the best possible opportunities and allowed me to have a professional outlook on sport. Both factors are significant and should always be notified in athlete’s careers and lives.
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