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Sports are a major part of the American culture, unfortunately, injuries are part of all sports. A concussion is the most common type of sport injury (Concussions in Sports). Concussions are prevalent in all sports, but can be controlled by enlisting protective measures. Even though all sports pose the risk of injury, concussions are most common in: football, soccer, and hockey (Concussions in Sports). In order to understand where the effects of concussions originate, it is important to understand what exactly a concussion is. A concussion is a change in someone’s mental state due to head trauma (Concussions in Sports). Contrary to the popular belief that an athlete must lose consciousness in order for it to be considered a concussion, this is not true. Concussions do not always involve a loss of consciousness, in fact a loss of consciousness only occurs in 10% of concussions (11 Facts About Concussions). When detected, a concussions is treated based on severity (11 Facts About Concussions). Concussions have many symptoms such as: headache, nausea, vomiting, and blurry vision (11 Facts About…show more content…
Whenever an athlete suffers a concussion, it is required that he is examined by medical personnel (Concussions in Sports). The examination of an athlete who is suspected to have a concussion is required on all levels of sports, to further treatment of concussions the NFL and NHL have both instituted systematic programs of neurological testing (Concussions in Sports). Athletes must undergo these test and meet a recovery baseline in order to be cleared to play again, these baselines are also required at the high school level (Concussions in Sports). Even though every athlete who suffered a concussion is required to be examined, this is not always the case as up tp 25% of concussions go undetected (11 Facts About Concussions), this statistic proves that concussions can not be fully prevented, only

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