Sports Concussions Assignment

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Concussion Assignment Natasha Pena Pima Medical Institute Sports related concussions are the most common head injuries occurring with sports participation. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates 1.6-3.8 million reported concussions occur each year. Concussions are unseen injuries and hard to manage but if mismanaged or undiagnosed can be devastating and have potentially deadly consequences. Common sports in which athletes are most at risk for a sport-related concussion include football, soccer, baseball, boxing, hockey, lacrosse, rugby, equestrian events, and snow skiing or snowboarding. Understanding the epidemiology and pathophysiology as well as guidelines related to sports concussions is crucially important when working with athletes. Identifying and managing concussions in youth athletes requires a team approach involving all parties including athlete, parents, coaches, teaches and healthcare professionals. Typically in sports, a concussion is a result of a hit from an opponent such as during football when a player is tackled by the opponent. During such contact a concussion can result from either helmet to helmet contact, head to body contact, head to ground contact and/or simply from the whipping effect resulting from such contact. According to a study by Daniel H. Daneshvar et al, of all the sports played in the U.S., American football has the greatest number of participants as well as the greatest number of traunatic brain injuries. The same study goes on…show more content…
To best minimize the outcomes a team approach to identification and management is most effective. New research, evidence and guidelines are being published to help reduce the number or concussion injuries and improve management of concussions. As part of the concussion treatment and management team, physical therapist play a critical role in identification and
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