Sports And Sports: The Benefits Of Playing Sports

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Children are like snowflakes, they all are different when they learn, do different activities like play sports and many more actions. To add on, Kids that are very dedicated to sports wouldn’t then be able to do the sport or activity they love. Therefore, students may struggle in school while doing extracurricular activities but, there is more than them just being an irresponsible student. Students are getting kicked off for having to have one failing grade yet, students aren’t always to blame as other things may come in the way. As well as, children not understanding teachers teaching methods or what they are learning and if it is the parents or the child’s choice to leave because they know that they are struggling or not. Also, sports…show more content…
Maintaining balanced health levels can be obtained by playing sports or any physical activities. For example,“...playing sports is the benefit to your physical body, but sports can help your mind stay healthier too. In fact, researchers at the University of Edinburgh found that older people who participate in sports and exercise had significantly less brain shrinkage overall -- a sign of dementia and Alzheimer's disease -- than those who didn't do as much exercise.” (Vulcan 2). Having the benefit of playing sports helps you with living a healthy lifestyle. Education wise sports are making your mind clearer or healthier as shown in text. Also, Weight or being out of shape can mess up how you do in school and your grades. An article states, “The latest such study, published this week in the journal Child Development, followed 6,250 children from kindergarten through fifth grade and found that those who were obese throughout that period scored lower on math tests than non-obese children.” (3 Gardner). Being overweight by not exercising or keeping an unhealthy diet can mess up weight that can lead to struggles within the school. A study has shown that there are lower scores for both fitness and academics in school. Pro sides may state that you should be focusing on school and not just be fit or skinny. Also, they may say you can just maintain a healthy diet instead of just exercise but that may be different compared to physical activity and moving your body to become

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