Sport Related Fitness Project

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Sport Related Fitness Project Skill related fitness Definition Test and Description Example of sport Result Agility ‘The ability to change the position of the body quickly and control the movement of you whole body.’ Athlete should lie on their front and hands by their shoulders. On the 'Go' command get up as quickly as possible and run around the course in the direction indicated without knocking the cones over to the finish line. The Illinois Agility Run A goalkeeper in Football has to adjust his body according to the direction the ball is coming from. Good goalkeeper would be: David Seaman ex. England Goalkeeper [IMAGE] 19.89 seconds Balance ‘The ability to retain the centre of mass (gravity) of the body above the base of support with reference to static or dynamic conditions, of movement, shape and orientation.’ Beam Test To walk across a beam continuously for 30seconds Gymnasts need to have good dynamic and static balance. [IMAGE] 15 Co-ordination ‘The ability to use 2 parts of the body together.’ Throwing a tennis ball against a wall with your right hand and catching it with your left. Footballers need to have good hand eye co-ordination to across the ball to the strikers. Good example: [IMAGE] 30 Power ‘The ability to do strength performances quickly.’ Standing Broad Jump The athlete in lines himself/herself next to the wall with one hand stretching as high as it can, and leave a mark. The athlete bends their knees and jump as high as they can and mark out, measuring the distance between both lines. Triple jumpers need the power from their legs to push off. Good Triple jumper: Jonathan Edwards [IMAGE] COULD NOT CARRY OUT DUE TO INJURY Reaction time ‘The time between the presentation and the stimulus and the onset of the movement.’
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