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Betting for someone means fun, someone use it for raising adrenaline, for others it's way of earning money. It doesn't matter in which group you belong to, first and primary what you have to possess to be successful in betting is self-control. WHY??? For several reasons, self-control is important because most of the players after loosing a bet continues with a larger role in the quest for greater income, which in the long term results with large losses. Furthermore, the statistics tell us that bookmakers are reaping profits on a percentage of 90% of the players for the simple reason: everyone would like to get rich over the night, so we're playing many pairs on a ticket what is reducing are chances for winning. Because of the losses people have eventually developed all kinds of systems, such as: ''Martingale, D'alambert, Parlay, Fibonacci… beside that everyone who is betting has his own system which he uses,but only question is how successful that system is. But there is always ''BUT'', anyone who wants to bet must be aware that neither pair, not a single bet and therefore not any system aren't 100% sure, and they will not make you rich over night. However the systems can be guide or additional assistance to do so over time, because they are based on numbers and numbers ultimately never lies. But, remember, if you want to generate profits betting ( I believe, profit is initiator for betting to everyone who has ever try it or continues to do it), try to follow this tips:
• Read, explore, try to find out as much information about bet in which you are going to invest your money- make sure you follow statistics, find out who is playing and who is injured, look in what shape is team or individual on whi...

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...f what's left, that is not the best solution. If you want to be successful in betting things can not be never out of control, because one bad bigger stake leads to another one and soon easily can happen that you run out of founds for further game. Remember tomorrow is a new day and if you miss today, tomorrow and several next days you can win, and that is how you are going to get your money back without of loosing more than the daily stake.
In the end none can guarantee that you will be successful and earn a lot of money, but this are some of the tips that can greatly assist you in the long term if you follow them. Remember, do research, set limits and goals, listen to yourself and your intuition, choose bets with fewer possible outcomes, control yourself in your actions and I wish you successful and happy betting.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that betting is fun, raising adrenaline, earning money, and that self-control is important for generating profits.
  • Advises readers to read, explore, and find out as much information about bets in which they are going to invest their money.
  • Advises to bet on sports or events that you love and follow. bet on what you know.
  • Opines that any bet is never 100% safe, as evidence for that in all sporting events. there is no day that one of the favorites do not blunder.
  • Explains that large coefficients are large because bookmakers have a lot of analysts who are familiar with all the facts and circumstances which are affecting on setting the coefficient.
  • Opines that bookmakers live by their greed – with betting you can't get rich quickly, try to choose the system for which you have capabilities, set a rules and goals.
  • Explains that a single bet is the one used by successful bettingtors, because with more wagers your chances for winning are decreased, and that is what bookmakers want.
  • Recommends betting on aisan handicap, over/under (goals) bets, as they avoid the draw option and increase the chances of winning.
  • Explains that if you want to be successful in sports betting, set a specific of how much you are willing and able to take risks.
  • Explains that if you decide to bet on the outcome of soccer matches, first you must be familiar with the fact that there are three possible outcomes, home win, tie, and victory guest.
  • Explains that the only correct way to bet is to comply with the tips above, regardless of which system you are using.
  • Explains that asian handicap increases odds of winning, because it throws out the possibility of tie outcome.
  • Explains that it's important to listen to your intuition and have confidence in your own research when choosing a bet.
  • Explains that the most important element to be successful in sports betting is self-control. if you fall into series of negative results, you should never give up on the system that you play.
  • Describes some of the tips that can greatly assist you in the long term if you follow them.
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