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They decided to go trick or treating. She was dressed as The red queen of hearts and Matthieu thanks to his stepdad) was a cat boy. In order to get him into the costume, Oliver, Dempsey's father, allowed him to keep wearing his sunglasses. Dempsey wore a bloodied up doctor's outfit, fake blood on his face too. After they were done, her father took them to Oliver’s house, he had a few drinks with Matthieu's father, Jacque and decided to go home. He kissed Rin’s cheek.

“Be good, mind Mr. Kirkland and Mr. Bonnefey, and if you want to call home, call my line, okay?”

“Yes Daddy.”

“Don’t worry, if she feels lonely, we’ll let her call.” Rin wasn’t worried. She and Matthieu were in his room watching Halloween shows under his blanket.

“We get to camp out in the living today.” he said grinning at her.

“Really?! Can we eat candy and stay up?”

“What's the point of doing this if we didn’t!”

“Thanks for letting me stay over!”

“You’re a part of the family and it wouldn’t be as much fun if I didn’t have my friend. Besides, I don’t want to be alone with Dempsey and Hibiki.”

“Who’s Hibiki?”

“Dem’s friend and he knows that friend of yours, Hikaru.”

“He knows Hikaru? Maybe we can all play one day!”

“Come on, you have to meet Dempsey's uncles.”

"Oliver has brothers?”

“Yeah, three! Uncle Rodin is the coolest, Mika is too, Lukas is so-so.”

“Wow…I wish I had a lot of brothers!”

“You have me and Dempsey don’t you! Not to mention Hikaru.”

“Hikaru is more of a sister actually…what with his flamboyant tendencies.”


Soon it was time for the party games and things. They decided to have it all outside in the woods. The adults finished setting everything up. There was a campfire, a table with lots of candy and des...

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...ly scarred for life!” cried Oliver, “What have I done?! I scarred a child for life!”

“See! You assholes got him worked up over nothing!” Jacque growled, looking annoyed.

“He’s worked up! We were almost sliced by the Sow!” said Lukas.

“Hey…knock it off,” said Mika looking at them, “It’s true that what Oliver did was wrong but also, we teasing him made him go overboard and that was bad but it’s Halloween, the main thing that kids look forward to is bring scared and having fun. I’m sure she’ll be okay but in the future, don’t make wild theme parties and also, we need to stop making him feel bad. We all know he can be a little sensitive,” the men exchanged glances. Mika got up and went outside. Rin spotted him.

“Uncle Mika?”


“What are you guys going to plan for next year? I want to see a ghost!” he laughed and ruffled her hair. Scarred for life indeed.
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