Spiritual Warfare, Doctrines and Dispensationalists

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Silencing the enemy is a very fitting title for this book. It is fitting because the author, Robert Gay, explains how God suppresses the devices of the adversary through the praise and worship of His people. Although the term “spiritual warfare” is not found in scripture, Paul expounds on the concept throughout the New Testament. He encourages the saints to “Put on the whole armor of God that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil”. This scripture informs us that we are in a battle, a battle that has been raging since the beginning of time. It is not a battle that one can see with the naked eye. Nor is it a battle that is fought with natural weapons. It is a battle that is fought in the spirit world. Our methods of weaponry are not as the world uses. The arsenal God has supplied for us includes an array of artillery such as prayer, fasting, the Word of God and praise and worship. He eloquently points out that “God has given us weapons of praise that have power against principalities and the devil.” Who would believe that mere singing, shouting and clapping our hands could be used to overthrow an enemy. That’s the good part because all we are charged to do is sing praises to our God, He does the dirty work by thwarting the work of the adversary.

In His infinite wisdom, God ordained that “the weak things of the world would confound the mighty.” What may seem like foolishness to the natural man are the tools that God uses to accomplish His purpose in the Spiritual world. The writer explains that the mission God has given us is to destroy the works of the devil. We have that power when we raise our voices in song and praise to our God. In the Bible many wars were won by doing “foolish things”, King Jehosaphat...

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...and worship, especially when we are in the midst of a spiritual warfare. Satan wants to divert our attention away from God and onto ourselves. He has always been envious of the praise, adoration and honor and love that God receives from his church. Satan would rather that we sulk and pout instead of “forget about ourselves and concentrate on Him and worship Him”. I have found that this is one of the many the keys to gaining spiritual victory.

By “silencing the enemy” in our lives, we can remove strongholds that Satan has set up in our minds simply by singing the praises of God and walking in the spirit. As the writer wrote in the last half of his book it is time for the church to rise out of passivity and aggressively move out in the spirit “against the powers of hell”. It is time for Zion to awake out of it’s slumber and become the victorious church of God. .
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