Spiritual Culture in America

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American Spiritual Culture

Is there spiritual culture in America? To answer this question, we must first describe spirituality and culture separately, and then fuse them in the end. In the dictionary, it states that spirituality is the "state or quality of being dedicated to God, religion, or spiritual things or values, especially as contrasted with material or temporal ones." Spirituality to me basically is the act of uniting with a higher being, whether it is an understanding or concept which is above all. This perception means that it is above all the people on this earth and even the religion that we might practice. The definition of culture states "a particular society at a particular time and place." The culture we will be involving is the American culture as a whole in the present time. So, now that we have a better understanding of the wording, I can say that after reading Dean's book that the spiritual culture of America has declined.

The biggest reason for this decline can be pointed towards religion. Since the beginning, our religion was closely related to the on goings of America. For example, our currency still bears the words, "In God We Trust", and some schools still have prayer in the classroom. But slowly and gradually, our government is eliminating any signs of the belief of God and anything else religious. These beliefs which many people have based there life on are looked upon by intellectuals as safeguards to prevent upheavals and anarchy. They perceive the gods as literary statements which give hope to the hopeless and guide them with non grounded principles. In Dean's book he describes the many civilizations in the world and that "within the civilization itself, the most important factor is religio...

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...to relate to any other beliefs in God. We need a revival in which we convert people back to the principles they once believed before. In hopes of not sounding like a preacher or in extremes a dictator, I feel that this revival will lead to increased morality and values. The values I feel that will lead Americans to making better choices and restoring our spiritual culture.


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