Spiritual Beliefs and Customs of Native American Tribes

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Many Native American tribes share different spiritual and cultural views on the aspect of life. Belief in God and the things he created depend on what tribe you belong to. Tribes like the Onondaga and the Modoc have several stories that inform us regarding their religious customs and beliefs. The origin myths were written to point out the beliefs among tribes. “The Earth on Turtle’s Back” and “When Grizzlies Walked Upright” provides us with examples of what the Onondaga and Modoc tribes believed in. Since September, we have been learning about the different views of God that tribes have and all the different customs that take place within their cultures. The origin myths that have been chosen along with the “Song of the Hiawatha” and the Part- Time Indian teach us the cultural aspect of the Native Americans. “The Earth on Turtle’s Back” was written from the perspective of the Onondaga tribe. It helps tell us about what this particular group of Native Americans believed in. The Onondaga tribe had strong belief in fulfilling their powerful dreams and making them come true. Th...

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